Since 2018 handcrafting a digital presence for modern brands involving creating a unique and authentic identity that effectively engages the audience.
If you have a potential project or and think I'd be the ideal partner to bring it to life, please get in touch at I'd love to hear from you!
Meet me: Mystery Unmasked!
I'm Michele, a 20 y/o student based in Milan. When I'm not rooting for my beloved Inter, you can usually find me buried in a good book tinkering with fonts on my computer. Always eager to learn and grow as a person, I overall define myself as a dreamer, a visionary with a passion for exploring new ideas and pushing boundaries.
Working approach

Collective ownership. Whether I'm working independently or collaborating with your team, everyone is involved in the process.

I work efficiently and at a rapid pace. Swift iterations enable us to navigate through creative explorations until we reach a solution that feels perfectly aligned.

Demonstrate and communicate. I regularly showcase ongoing work, often through screen recordings accompanied by voice narration.

Action-oriented approach. I prioritize the creation of tangible artifacts to help the team visualize ideas, rather than relying on lengthy documents that are often overlooked.

I adopt a systemic approach to my work. Whether it involves a small feature or an entire design system, I develop reusable components to benefit the team.

Design is a thought process. I'm unafraid to discard an idea and explore diverse solutions. The more options, the better!